IPL Team Spirit Menu at Monkey Bar


With the ongoing craze of IPL every year, Monkey Bar launched its Team Spirit menu representing each team and its region’s favourite dishes. With all the pomp and show, the menu offers almost 20 new dishes for meat lovers as well as vegetarian.

The menu started from March 23 and will go on till May 19 in Monkey Bar outlets all over India. The best addition is some signature cocktails along with the menu. My favourite has surely become the Manga – an aam panna and vodka based concoction. The Mad Men is surely famous among the folks with its distinct whiskey and coffee flavour.

The menu offers roughly 2 dishes representing each team and its state. So whether you are a Delhi Capitals fan or Hyderabad rooter, you can still gorge down the famous Gully Bao from Mumbai.

With Mumbai, I tried the Gully Bao which was a misal pav inspired dish with curried pav along with onion and tomato salad on the side. The curry has a distinct spice which makes it unique. 

The Kolkata menu had a delicious pork power dumplings. While I gorge down the Fried Riders, a panko-crusted fried fish sticks with a kasundi dip. 

Being a Bangalorean, I also rooted for this menu and it did not disappoint at all. With Chicken Challenger which was a marinated chicken kebab, my heart just went for the Full Toss Fish which were rava fried fillet sliders.

The Butter Chicken Bouncer from Delhi was a totally unique take on original butter chicken. The spring roll-shaped stuffed with creamy makhani gravy and served with mint chutney. It just redefines the idea of butter chicken beautifully. 65 not Out from Chennai was another highlight of the day with deep-fried chicken cubes and sauce.

The Laal Maas Royals from Rajasthan depicting its strong traditional dish was a platter served with sangri and phulkas.

The whole menu takes you on a tour to most important places of India known for its food and style of cuisine and you cannot help but lick your fingers and enjoy the team spirit of IPL.



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