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Whenever I plan a holiday or decide to travel comfort has always been the key point. So when I decided to go for a small getaway to a nearby hill station this monsoon season, Wayanad came into the picture. Having been to Wayanad before, I was looking for a different experience this time, the one that is soothing and closer to my heart. That is when Sterling Resorts came to the rescue.

It was a hassle free booking through their website and I also got to know about the offbeat experiences they offer apart from their breathtaking property.


The property is located in a small town of Sulthan Bathery which is around 17 km from Wayanad. Away from the hub and hustle of the city and amidst the forests of Bandipur.

The nearest airport is Calicut which is around 150kms and is well connected with railway as well as road networks.

Look and Feel

This resort is surely a visual treat. Dynamically and well-constructed resort property has a theme of a white and grey framework with lush greens all over which makes it for the marvellous treat for the eyes.

My day started with taking a tour of this giant property. It started with the lobby connected with classic rooms. This one storey overlooks the standalone premiere rooms. There is a huge lake on the back beside the premiere upper-class rooms along the carved path. 


Even the classic rooms have the feel of an upscale extravagant property. I was welcomed with some fresh fruits and desserts plate as treats of your welcome. Extremely comfortable beds along with a side table and sofa on a side. 

The most beautiful view from our windows and an additional small porch outside the room to enjoy the tea and the view ahead. Facilities of an inbuilt locker in the almirah, as well as a small refrigerator, is provided in rooms.


Being such a vast property and providing all day experiences, they do not lack anywhere in facilities as well. There is a buggy available to carry people as well as luggage to places inside the property and is accessible at every point from restaurant to the spa.

The restaurant with almost 150+ seatings which serves everything from delicious desserts to authentic Kerala cuisine. A cafe with open-air seating treats you with some tea and snacks as required.

The swimming pool facility both for kids as well as adults is available. Go to the spa for relaxing and enhancing you soothing mind. Gym facility for the people who do not want to miss their workout even one day.

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Food and More

Often we do not expect much from a destination resort in terms of food but this one surely is an exception. After the welcome treats in our rooms which was absolutely splendid, we head to their special theme lunch buffet which had a vast variety. From the appetizers of delicious soup to the basic North Indian delicacies and some Kerala seafood delicacies.

The high tea was my favourite of all. The theme was “Chembra Coffee” which is one of the oldest coffee plantations in Wayanad district. Intrinsic and lovely presentation displaying all the desserts with cold and hot tea and coffee variants.

My absolute favourite has to be the Chocolate Coffe Torte, which was soft as well as flavourful. Coffee Savoury cookies was a unique combination and a must try.

The first-day dinner was a Malabari theme feast with three courses with starters followed by main course and then desserts. 

Breakfast has to be my favourite meal of the day and Sterling for sure made it amazing. A vast range of North Indian as well as South Indian breakfast. You can find the best of breakfasts from all around the world with cereals, chicken sausages, donuts, croissants and much more.

Kerala is known for its Sadhya Meal and for sure it made to our list of lunches. A meal was served on a banyan leaf made one of the most cherished memories of Wayanad. From the pulilnchi to the finger-licking pachadi, every small dish left a unique taste on the pallet.

The same day evening day had a street style touch with the plain and masala tea and street foods of Kerala.

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They also organize the Barbeque dinner at night alongside the open air and magnificently decorated table and bonfire. Live cooking on the barbeque and sigree sure was a treat. The most popular dishes were malai chicken tikka, barbequed fish and dal makhani. This was a fun and relaxed affair.

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Having eaten in various resorts and restaurants, I was surely impressed by the diversity and flavours in every dish served to us.


Sterling provides experiences for the traveller within you. There is a thin line difference between a tourist and a traveller. There is everything for everyone here. Experiences you won’t witness anywhere else.

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Experiences from a tribal walk to bird watching, a night safari into the thick forests to some resort activities like zip lining, pottery and much more.

To know more, check here for Experiences In Sterling Wayanad

Last Word

Sterling Wayanad is an epitome of dreams where you wake up in a heavenly environment, experience nature in the calms and peace of the place and with some delish foods. 

For more information, you can check out their site link below :


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  1. Samyak Nanda says:

    Wow, so nicely written… My next holidays are fixed now.


    1. nalini says:

      Thank you samyak


  2. Detailed post. Loved it ! 🙂


    1. nalini says:

      Thank you Smitha 🙂


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