5 Offbeat Experiences To Have In Wayanad

Wayanad is a small hill station in Kerala and surely a heaven in disguise. As a traveller, I always prefer exploring the places on my own. Spending time with locals, discovering a small waterfall while wandering in the forests is my thing. I adapt to go it my way to enjoy the picturesque and allure beauty of places. It all about experiences.

So instead of travelling as a tourist, I decided to go on my own course. For sure, Sterling Holidays helped a lot in it. After struggling a lot, I tried to go the easy way this time. My stay has been fantastic at their resort in Wayanad and their offbeat experiences made it at another level.

1.Tribal Walk

Take down the walk to the villages of The Paniyas. Amidst the forests and the fields, they work on, you will find some distant huts homing the tribes. Sterling Wayanad is located in midst of the Bandipur range and hence its just a 2km walk from there. A guide accompanies you and you can educate and well as enjoy the lavish green fields.

The Paniya tribe is a male-dominated tribe where a male works and the woman cooks. They still use old house techniques to cook open on an open mud oven commonly called as “chulha”. It is one a lifetime experience and a worth an evening of yours.

[easy-image-collage id=540]

2. Night Safari

The night safari into the Bandipur forests is one of a kind. A ride of about 2-3 hours after 10 pm in forest jeeps to sight the wildlife out there. The most common animals sighted are a herd of deers grazing away under the night sky. 

A parade of elephants is the also another common sighting and they are often seen crossing the roads. I was lucky enough to see one of them while on our way back, though it quickly went into the thick forests. People have claimed to have spotted leopards as well so its a total luck day for you.

Sterling arranges everything for you to have an absolute one of a kind experience. You can also sight elephants just outside the resort sometimes due to its primitive location into the deep forests.

3. Bird Watching

The national reserve is a home to about 300 different species of birds varying from resident to migratory birds. I was thrilled to wake up in the morning and go on to see the elegance of nature. Grabbing my binoculars we were accompanied by the guide to the usual nesting locations.

Sterling provide all the necessary equipment needed to make your experience the best. The most prominent birds to spot are the Nilgiri Pipit, orange and black flycatcher and black-chinned laughing thrush.

[easy-image-collage id=542]

Bird watching in Wayanad is excellent during the spring or fall migrations when many different varieties of birds can be observed.

4. Coffee Plants

Wayanad is known for its coffee and witnessing its origin is an experience in itself. I was especially elated by this offbeat experience because of its authentic background. And of course, coming from trustworthy sources. Sterling organizes coffee plantations trip where you could find the scratch product.

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5. In-Resort Experiences

So another important factor in choosing Sterling other than its close to nature resorts are the in resort activities they provide. From ziplining to archery and paintball shooting, they have plethora options. 

It was a first time experience for me to do pottery myself after a short class by the master. Its fun and I surely did cross off something from my bucket list. 

Ziplining from one part of the resort to another is an adventurous yet pleasant experience in itself. 

[easy-image-collage id=544]

Paintball shooting was another adventure and I got to know that I am good at it and while I was so much excited for archery, turned out it is not my game.

[easy-image-collage id=545]

Everyone surely does travel but this time travel differently!


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