Breakfast Just @99- Ciclo Cafe

Combining healthy habits and food is a one of a kind venture and Ciclo has put it out beautifully. Ciclo Cafe is located on the prime location in Indiranagar and is a heaven-sent divine place for cyclists and sports enthusiast. 

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They have recently earned the Easy Diner StandAlone Cafe Award and it will surely prove it to you by the food and its ambience. The cafe ambience is purely set around the world of cycles and the art of cycling. More said, it usually becomes informative for the usual audience to learn around.


The cafe comes with two levels, the ground floor especially meant for serving breakfast while the floor above that has an attached bar with a fine dining experience. The decor is a treat to both cyclists and non-cyclist folks. Starting from beautiful chandeliers made out of roller chains and wheel rims suspended from the roof to the cycle posters and seat forming patterns on the walls, everything is bound to leave you nothing less than impressed.

The place also caters a shop inside for different kinds of cycles ranging from the lowest to highest prices and accessories.

Breakfast @99

They have recently introduced their Breakfast@99 offer with all the different offerings at just INR 99. This includes Waffles, Pancakes and Egg Delicacies along with complimentary tea/coffee. The offer is available only on weekends at breakfast timings.

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I was here for their breakfast and I must tell you its surely a steal deal.


I need my Tea every morning to start my day, so I went for the simple Darjeeling tea. It surely was a great choice for anyone who loves the aromatic and the strong flavour of the tea. 

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Others on table ordered a Capucchino, hazelnut latte, and Green Tea and seemed to love them. Freshly brewed cappuccino had the right hazelnut flavour which was truly an excellent start for our breakfast session. The latte was decent and went perfectly with the brekky menu. 

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Sweet Start

To start the breakfast, we ordered some plain Waffles and Ragi Pancakes. Waffles were huge and super crunchy and served with cream and honey to top it off. 

I loved the pancakes, generous serving, super soft and healthy at the same time. The Ragi flour gave it a distinct taste which gave a sweet yet pungent flavour.

Eggs and More

Moving onto savory delicacies, eggs are a vital part of one’s breakfast and surely didn’t skip our breakfast meal. I ordered two fried eggs with hash browns, toast and grilled tomato. The fried eggs were carefully fried and the hash browns were delicious.

The omelette also came with the same combination. Plain omelette made with very less oil and eggs beaten well. the outcome was fluffy delicacy. A generous cheese layering added in between with a little bit of salt to keep the authenticity at best.

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Indian breakfast

To add little Indianized version, we ordered Anda Bhurji Pav, Poha and Sabudana Wada, though in very little portions.

Anda Bhurji Pav came with little spicy bhurji paired with baby pavs. The bhurji lacked a little spice and I thought it could be better. Poha was a true delight to have as we do not get it enough in Bangalore.

Though my preferred any day will be the Marathi Sabudana Wada – potatoes and Tapioca Sago filling and then deep fried into the oil. It is served with green mint chutney, tangy and just the right thickness.

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Something New

We also wanted to try Shakshouka – which is a dish of poached eggs in tomato and veggies gravy with lots of cumin and green onions on top. It was a served as an omelette style here. Crispy outer layer with runny eggs inside and tangy flavour from the tomato, capsicum based curry. A pure bliss.

We ended with a toothsome mug of hot chocolate. A perfect way to end the perfect meal !


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