Cinders Rooftop, Bangalore-A Brunch With A View

Brunching scenes are my favourite thing to do on a weekend. And what if that comes with a divine side by a pool? A brunch with a view of the entire city? There are many upscale places featuring both of them individually but not both together.

Cinders Rooftop is your answer to that. With a breathtaking view of the city on three sides and a refreshing pool on the other, this place will surely be on your minds once and for all. After some major revamp changes, the place now features among places with an expanding menu and magnificent milieu.


Enough said and done, Cinders is a rooftop barbeque of Hotel Comfort Inn Insys situated in Yeswanthpur, Bangalore. Chef Abhijit takes care that all the consumers have a gala time of their life. He has such a diversifying brunch menu to provide all your hunger pangs a treat.

Bangalore’s weather just compliments their beautiful setup. It would be a treat to your eyes at night with a magical sky up. A dance floor set up in the middle ensures an ecstatic mood with the DJ playing all your dance peppy numbers.


As a chai lover, my eyes were stuck on the kettle and cutting chai glass kept at one of the counters. Starting my brunch with this delicious soul drink just my day. Perfect amount of milk, sugar, and boil – gave the impeccable taste I needed. Served hot and fresh on your table, this one is a sure try for all.

A diversifying menu with cocktails and mocktails also has North India’s famous lassi. One of the highlights is them serving in a “kulhad”– an earthen pot. This ensures the authenticity and dedication for serving the best.

Moving onto the cocktails for the rest of my day, the bartender served us some of his bars specials. The ones I would recommend will be Cinders Ice Tea- a rum, gin and vodka based with sprite and a tale of Curacao.


Whiskey Sour was another favourite of mine with egg whites and the regular sour mix.

Pani Puri Vodka – the right amount of spiked with vodka and combined with pani puri mix. Another recommended favourite of mine. Other drinks were Tedi Medi Mary, Guava Chilly, and Sex on The Beach.


The starters are served on the table while the other brunch which includes breakfast, salads, soups and the main course is a buffet style.

Starting with my favourite Pani Puri – which didn’t disappoint me at all. Decently stuffed with veggies and the tangy sweet mix that I have been craving in Bangalore from long now. Papdi chat was next in line and I am happy I tried it. Perfect crisp and the dahi and tamarind chutney complimented it well. The same goes for aloo tikki which is such a rare delicacy in Bangalore. Happiness is finding such a close taste to my North Indian soul.

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Other starters were chilly paneer, plain and simple. Ghee roast chicken has been my favourite and it totally passed with flying colors here. The lip-smacking marination with lots of ghee is an explosion of flavours in the mouth.


The breakfast from around the world on my plate. Scrambled eggs and beans from English or the Vietnamese especially baked croissants. The German muffins or the American ham and sausages to our very own Idli and Sambhar and Vada. This place has it all. I loved the variety and display.

Another counter had a display of the various cold salads and pasta with aloo papdi, fusilli, corn salad and any other you can think of.

Next to that was a rack with an assortment of freshly baked loaves of bread along with soups on the side. I liked the mushroom much better than the non-veg variant.

The decor with some veggies on wooden racks added a beautiful couture to the whole display. It was eye catchy and fresh addition.

Main Course

After hogging on so much, a break is required to move onto the heavenly and delicious mains.

Starting with the chicken dum biryani, which was excellently made with flaky rice and tender chicken and fried onions on top. Another preference of mine was mutton gravy, full of Indian spices and chunks of lamb.

In vegetarian, there was dal Amritsari which was very well made along with steamed rice on the side. Paneer Khurchan had a thick creamy gravy to provide the texture well.

Asian cuisine included some Singapore noodles, which were slightly spiced and coriander vegetable gravy on the side.

Other items were Thai green curry, herb potatoes, and ratatouille to end the main course. Herb potatoes were crispy and the green curry with baby corns added a texture to it.


A wide variety of desserts starting from Indian to French and Italian special were on display.

The macaroons are the best I have ever had with crispy cover and mushy from inside. Displayed in various colours and variants, the chocolate layer in between added a lot of flavour.

Mille Feuille was in a teeny size with crunchy wafer was made well. Gulab jamuns with a cherry on a top was excellent.

Last Word

Cinders offer you a full pack meal with flavours from all around the world with an attentive and super coordinating staff and a divine view. Service is excellent and waiters are on their toes to provide you an incredible time. The ambience is one of the best I have encountered. Drop by for a late night or a brunch!

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