The Big Bawa Breakfast at Soda Bottle Opener Wala

Soda Bottle Opener Wala does not need any introduction. Also, it is counted as one of the best places in reviving the authentic Parsi and Irani cuisine. Consequently, it has various branches all over India and has been treating people’s taste buds for years now.

Soda Bottle OpenerWala outlet in Bangalore is located at a convenient location. A proper old world charm themed setup with tables and booths spacing seating. Above all, the decor is quirky and quite appealing. Some antiquated and yet charming posters and cutlery keep your eyes glowing. Certainly live music is the plus point here and keeps you grooving even at the breakfast.



Introduction of the Big Bawa Breakfast 

The breakfast being the staple meal of the day- the restaurant has all the options to keep you ready and energetic all throughout the day. They have added this new period meal to provide you with all the authentic meals right from the start. The breakfast service kicks in from 8:30 am to 12 noon. Hence, happiness right from the starting of the day.


Just kick-starting your day with the cup of Irani chai or any of the Special Cold coffee brews. The Signature or Lime and Cinnamon can be the perfect choice for it. Perfect decibel of coffee and flavors reaching your body.

Rather my favourite has to be the Irani Chai served in the quintessential colonial ceramic cups with a small Naan Khatai on the side. The thickened milk with an ace amount of sugar along with brewed tea – the splendid start.


You can always start with Bun Maska to go with your chai. Absolute puffed bun with hot melting butter on top.


Moving onto the staples, Parsi and Iranian breakfast we have the Special Poro- basically Parsi style flat omelets. Just mouth melting deliciousness in the mouth.
Poro in Goa is a dream come true stuffed with Goan chorizo and veggies. Scrumptious and exquisite in taste.


Akuri is another gem in the Parsi cuisine which is provided with quite a lot of options on the menu. It is a scrambled eggs dish highlighted with spices. Classic Akuri is soul food with extreme buttery taste. Hence, an explosion of flavours in the mouth.

Moving onto the Bombay staples, Bohri Kheema Pav was certainly my favourite. Flawless minced mutton keema with the right amount of spices and oil and garnished with cilantro. It is served with crust pavs which is just a cherry on the cake.

Everyone loves Eggs Kejriwal. The combination of chilli cheese toasts and ending with a sunny side up egg on top. The sunny side eggs on top – perfectly done with a runny yolk on your one cut to take the bite. There are options for various breakfast trays both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The trays offer you wholesome meals with the best of the place.


Furthermore, ending the meal with beautiful crafted Mawa cake – their very own specialty. The mouth melting creamy heaven in one bite. One of the most noteworthy dishes of the whole saga.

Sweet endings are never apologetic and they never disappoint. The espresso and whiskey cream pancakes are here to keep you alive all throughout the day.

To sum it all, one of the most comforting places in Bangalore with rustic decor, on point service and lip-smacking food.

Above all, start your way here with eating breakfast like a king !


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